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What you need to know about choosing the right RV spot

You’re excited to get away and spend time outdoors, but how do you find the perfect RV spot? Try these tips below to find just the right spot for you. 


Plan Ahead

Before embarking on your RV journey, take some time to outline your preferences and needs. Think about factors like the duration of your stay, the type of environment you enjoy (mountains, beach, forests), and any specific requirements you may have. This proactive planning will help you select an RV spot that aligns perfectly with your expectations.


Check Amenities

Every RV site varies in terms of amenities offered. Take the time to research and understand what each site provides. Look for essential facilities such as electrical and water hookups, sewer connections, Wi-Fi availability, and recreational options. Confirming these amenities in advance ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay that meets your needs.


Site Accessibility/Size of the RV spot

Accessibility is a crucial factor when choosing an RV spot. Confirm that the site is easily accessible for your RV’s size and type. Check for factors like the parking space size (does it accommodate your footprint, including any slide-outs or awnings?), the ease of entry and exit, and potential obstacles.


Location, location, location

The location of your chosen RV spot can significantly impact your overall experience. Consider your preferences - whether you prefer scenic views, proximity to outdoor activities and attractions, or a peaceful spot away from busy traffic. Understanding what you desire from the location will help you select a place that enhances your RV adventure. 

Beautiful surroundings can enhance your overall experience. Another factor in location is shade and sunlight. Are you getting the amount of both you want?

One of the essential components of the perfect location is a level ground. Choose a level spot and/or bring your leveling blocks to ensure you get the perfect level location.


Read Reviews

Leverage the power of online resources by reading reviews and ratings from fellow RV enthusiasts. Learn from the experiences of others who have stayed at the RV spot you’re considering. Reviews often provide valuable insights into the quality of facilities, the friendliness of staff, and the overall ambiance of the site. This information can be instrumental in making an informed decision and ensuring a delightful RV camping experience.

Pet Friendly

So you travel with your favorite animals? If so, ensure you have pet-friendly policies and areas for them to have fun, too.


One of the critical factors in the perfect spot is privacy. Do you want to socialize with others or be secluded? Research ahead so you’re not surprised if the RV spots are close together. 


What you need to know about choosing the right RV spot. Beefy Blocks


Noise level

In Addition to privacy, some might like a lower noise level than others. Notice if the spots are closer to the highway or a recreational area. If you’re looking for a quiet place, these are things to avoid when finding the perfect RV spot for you. 



If you have a specific spot in mind, especially during peak seasons, make reservations in advance. 

By incorporating these detailed considerations into your RV spot selection process, you enhance the likelihood of finding the perfect spot that aligns seamlessly with your preferences and needs. 

Happy travels!

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