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Ten of The Best Places to Go Camping

Camping is a great way to escape the daily grind, explore new places while detaching from technology, and enjoy hard-earned relaxation.

Whether it's a long weekend adventure or an overnight birthday trip, you'll want to choose a spot that will meet your expectations. Luckily, in the United States, there is a wide variety of beautiful and majestic spots with unique landscapes and outdoor activities; you're sure to find the best state to park your RV.

Below are our top 10 favorites. 

 Camping in Steamboat Springs Colorado

1. Colorado

    Known for its stunning mountain landscapes, Colorado offers many camping options, from high-altitude sites in the Rockies to picturesque spots near lakes and rivers.


    Hiking trail in Redwood Forest in California

    2. California

    With its diverse geography and 28 national parks, California provides camping opportunities ranging from coastal sites to mountainous regions with sequoias and hiking trails.


    Scenic drive in Monument Valley Navajo Park, Utah

    3. Utah

    Also home to several national parks and 8 monuments, Utah is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The unique red rock formations and desert landscapes offer a distinct camping experience along with slot canyons, fly fishing, hiking, and bike trails. 


    Sunset at Mount Hood, Oregon

    4. Oregon

    Known for its lush forests, Oregon provides camping options where the forest meets the edge of water in coastal campgrounds with sandy beaches for swimming, fishing, kayaking, and even surfing.  


    Fishing in Georgetown Lake Montana

    5. Montana

    If you're looking for a more remote camping experience, Montana's first state park, Lewis and Clark Caverns, is a great option. The site features campgrounds, electric hookups, and one of North America's most embellished limestone caverns. 


    Northern Lights. Aurora borealis in Alaska

    6. Alaska

    For those seeking a truly wild camping adventure, Alaska's vast wilderness provides an immersive experience surrounded by nature and wildlife. Plan your trip accordingly because some areas have a shorter camping season.


    Camping in Horseshoe Mesa Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

    7. Arizona

    Arizona is known for having a hot, desert climate, and the state also offers diverse landscapes with high mountain forests and, most famously, the Grand Canyon.


    Camping in Texas with wildlife

    8. Texas

    Texas boasts a variety of landscapes with a mix of natural environments ranging from prairies to pine forests to beaches. Texas is great for those who enjoy an agreeable climate throughout the year, regardless of season.


    Harry's Ridge Trail. Mount St Helens National Park, Washington State

    9. Washington

    With vast green scenery and moss-draped forests, Washington boasts a stunning backdrop for any outdoor activity, especially camping. The ideal time for camping is July, but beware, campsites may be crowded.


    Travel trailer camping at Jordan Lake North Carolina

    10. North Carolina

    North Carolina is a paradise for adventurous people. It's home to waterfalls, forests, mountain views, salt marshes, lakes, and rivers, making it a popular destination for fall and winter camping with its moderate winters.


    No matter where you decide to camp, always keep your vehicle level for a safe and happy experience. 

    Have you planned a camping trip to any of the states we listed? What do you think? Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know in the comments. 

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