Instructions for 7,10, and 15 Packs

Frequently asked questions

To get your RV level, you must support all the tires on the side you raise. You need ramps or leveling blocks underneath both tires if you have a dual-axle RV.

Yes. Stack them properly by following the instructions, and Beefy Blocks can handle the weight of a 5th-wheel toy hauler.

Stack 3 to 4 Beefy Blocks and snug to the tire.

Yes, Beefy leveling blocks can be used with hydraulic levelers.

The quick answer... Yes.

Again, Yes!

Beefy Blocks were developed and tested to exceed the maximum load rating of any RV tire rating. We don’t list a specific weight because a load rating is subjective to levelness of terrain, area of jack foot, etc.

However, we have test up to 16,000 lbs. It will be able to handle any size of motorhome.

Beefy Blocks can be used on a Class A with or without an automatic leveling system.

No, the Red Beefy Cap was engineered to allow the leveling blocks to have a flat service for different applications.